EShakti the custom Fit

EShakti the custom Fit

When shopping for clothes finding the perfect dress that is cute, sexy and an eye catcher and you are all set up to buy it, What a bummer it is when you trying it on it is a loose fit or slightly tight? And at that moment wishing that you could modify a little. How perfect it will be if you could do that. Tired of trying and wishing for it to be the perfect fit, E.shakti is here to solve your entire custom dress problems. It will make sure you get the perfect fit and still if you won’t like it their customer representatives are willingly available to solve your query and satisfy you till you get your perfect one.

Choose a Design

Some easy steps to get your desired dress. First thing first choose a design. Choosing a design is going to be very hectic because there are so many gorgeous prints to choose from.

Take measurements

After selecting the print and design, now coming to a little-complicated part, where you might need the help of somebody. Taking your own measurement is also an option but make sure you enter the right one. Even if you don’t want it to be customized according to your body type. You still need to enter your height  


The best part is you can customize it not only according to your body type bus if you don’t like a certain way a dress is a design you can get that customized as well. For example, if you want sleeves with a particular dress you can avail the opportunity of getting that same dress in sleeves.  

Sit back and relax

Once ordered now sit back and relax and wait patiently for it to arrive and feel overjoyed when you see it.   

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