Fix your Beauty routine with coconut oil

Fix your Beauty routine with coconut oil

Since childhood, we all have been hearing about the how coconut oil is good for our hair and how it strengthens and shines our hair, but that’s not all it is a good to include it in your beauty routine as well. It is not only good for removing makeup or just to moisturize your skin. Few tips to incorporate coconut oil into your beauty routine are

Body lotion

Coconut is a great source of moisturizing your skin and keeping it healthy and soft. Coconut oil’s creamy texture makes it the perfect ingredient for having the smoothest skin. But remember the after applying it wait for a couple of minutes before getting dress as it may stain your clothes.
Perfect Lips

Coconut oil is the perfect home remedy for chapped lips. Coconut oil is naturally SPF4 which helps in restoring the moisture. Pack yourself some coconut oil in a small jar and apply it over your lips throughout the day.

Shaving Cream

Try a more natural approach when coconut oil is here to the rescue. Achieve a smoother look for your legs with coconut oil just apply coconut oil and then let the razor do the rest of the work. Your razor will glide smoothly and the end result will be a perfect smoother shave for your legs.   

Makeup Remover

Make your makeup melt away with coconut oil. The oil easily removes all the traces of coconut oil. Apply it directly to the face with a cotton pad or let it get absorbed into the skin before removing. Try for yourself and see that the even the waterproofed make up won’t stand a chance in front of coconut oil.

Eye Cream

The skin under our eyes is very delicate and thin, making it inclined to puffiness and dark circles. Why spend money on it when an easy home remedy with coconut oil can do the job. Rub coconut oil under your eye which will help in preventing wrinkles and eye bags.


One of the best ways to use coconut oil by applying it to your hair will moisturize it. Massaging into your scalp will help in restoring the shine and strength it needs. Coconut oil will not only make it shine but will also smooth out the frizz.

Stretch mark cream

 Using coconut oil on your stretch marks or even any wound will not only help in getting better but will also help in removing marks and preventing it from forming dark spots or blisters.


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