Keys to building confidence in your child

Keys to building confidence in your child

The greatest gift you can give a child is self- confidence. Believing in himself. Have a positive image about themselves rather than doubting their own abilities. Children’s that have high self-esteem lead a happy, competent and productive life. Focusing on more of child's inner wellbeing is very important and which at times parents overlook this main aspect. Self-confidence is one of the keys to success in adult life. Think about it how our attitude changes when we are confident in a particular situation and the outcome is also positive but when we are not sure of how to handle a situation, and not sure about our own abilities, we tend to make mistakes more and feel low. So now don’t worry, make your child more confident with some of the simple keys that you can follow in your daily life.     

·        Don’t Compare

It is obvious but parents at times forget what they are actually doing. Without even realizing it they start comparing their child to their friends and the worst is comparing among their own brothers and sisters. What parents need to realize is every child is unique in their own way and they have their own pace of learning and adapting to situations, so comparing them will not bring them good. Instead, it will lead to shattering of their confidence not temporary but for a lifetime. 

·        Responsibility

Giving responsibility to your child will make them not only responsible but aware of how to handle situations that are not in their favor. Let them take a decision so that they can understand that they are also a major part of the decision, rather than imposing the decision you have made because from they will not only a rebel but will go against the decision as well, or simple as giving them households duties to understand responsibilities.

·        Let them explore

Let your child explore the new possibilities around them rather than telling them how to or what to do or become. A lot of parents don’t realize it but what they do is what they wanted and could achieve they want their children to become like that so without understanding what they want and what their strengths are. They start telling them since childhood what they should become. 

·        Encourage

Encouragement is one of the important keys in letting your child gain confidence. Encouraging a child is very motivating for them Some children, who are less not that confident, need more encouragement. When we encourage a child it leads to a better outcome and they put in more efforts as well.

·        Spend quality time

Spending time with your child brings a sense of security and develop love in your child. It is not necessary that if your working parents you need to wait for the weekends to spend quality time with them, eating food with them, or even sleep with them or even including them in your daily schedule once a week will do the good. This going to be a great opportunity to spend some quality time to create a stronger bond.

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