Lets conquer the world with Lip Art

Lets conquer the world with Lip Art

In today’s era, the world is more focused on how a person looks and what kind of impression they can make. Taking it into context lipsticks have taken over the trend and a lot of people are now using their lips to portray their creativity level and bringing in new trends to wear lipstick than those old ways which we all know and used to wear. So having makeup is not a big deal but applying it with the right technique is what it matters. Not only using unique shades or textures but applying it with the right trends is what it matters. Here are a few trends that are popping up everywhere and are a must try.

Spike things up

First thing first moisturize your lips and moisturizing them take MAC prep and prime and apply it to your lips. Once done use Urban Decay Eyeliner (black) apply it on your lips once creating an outline and filling it in roughly then apply Black color lipstick after that use 3mm and 6mm spikes in silver and paste them with eyelash glue (clear) and Voila! 


A look that will mesmerize the people around you. So starting off with this look you need prep up with prep and prime. After outlining your lips and then add in color. Clear out the edges to get the desired look by adding the color in. using two color one in the middle while the darker one on the edges.  Wear glitter gloss to create a shiny look. Smudge it with your fingers. Once done paste shiny ribbon that is cut into tiny pieces that are used for nail and apply it one by one. And then you have the final results.    

Let’s Glow

After moisturizing your lips, outline them and then use black color lipstick. After applying it, let it dry. Then take Jeffree star drug lord and apply it with a thin brush make designs after that take Kryolan neo kit and choose colors from it and fill in colors. And get your desired look.

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