Lit up your mood with these magical lipsticks

Lit up your mood with these magical lipsticks

Thanks to all the cosmetic companies that have come up with a new innovative trend of changing lipstick and is being the talk of the town with this new trend that is trending now that will not only make you look gorgeous but will light up and make you look magical.

The new trend is of lipsticks that changes color on applying. So if you have trouble deciding which color to wear today. Let the lipstick do the job for you. The question is how do these lipsticks change color? Well, it is as simple as it doesn’t seem. These lipsticks formulas make contact your skin, a combination of your natural pH temperature which causes the reaction of changing into different colors or shades.

The concept of lip color changing is unique, yet it has been ongoing since the 90s, when rings, mood lipsticks and so on were in the beauty trends. So not all color change into shades of pink so find out more about some of them below with us and then get yourself one.  

Leave them guessing

The sassy lip is set to provide a new trendsetter for all the beauty hunkies out there. A new shade called “So many feeling” is black shade lipstick which will change color according to your pH level, into a gorgeous shade of wine. So make them turn their heads and see the horror of applying a black lipstick before the reveal and then the surprise of a revealing a dark shade of wine.

One of a kind

Get your one of a kind lipstick from Lip phetish. These shades are formulated with special pigment that when it comes in contact with the lips a unique shade is created. And the best of all it keeps your lips moisturized, keeping them soft and always ready to click pictures without touch up.  

The mood matcher

It is the longest 12- hour long wear lipstick.  The color changes after applying.  Once applied for better results wait 2 minutes for it to work its magic, after that you are ready to anything and it won’t even budge. These lipsticks are hydrating as well.

Jelly color changing magic

Let the magic happen with this jelly color changing lipstick which you will surely fell in love with. It is created by a beauty brand “Htgtai”, it is a jelly infused with a flower that is right in the middle. All the lipsticks adjust to the temperature of your ph of your lips and turn them into various shades of pink and purple.

Too good to be true

This 24-hour commitment lipstick is a big deal, the synthetic dye that reacts to ph levels of your lip in a combination of the products leads to a basic moisturizing color without emptying your pockets.  

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