Too beautiful to eat

Too beautiful to eat

This gorgeous raindrop cake that is trending around is so beautiful that after looking at you don’t feel like eating it. It is a beautiful dessert popular in Japan. But sadly they are still not available in the United States, but hopefully will be available soon.

This shiny transparent dessert uses mineral water and agar, to achieve the look of a silky smooth drop from the heaven. A realistic raindrop I must say.

The Creator of the first raindrop cake is Darren Wong. It took a lot of hard work and trial and error theory to get to this beautiful masterpiece. To get the right consistency is a nightmare because the cake has to taste like water yet need to hold its shape. A lot of hurdles came in packing and storing as well because each cake has to be stored in the right way to maintain its temperature because it is very delicate and fragile. The best part of this cake is that it is calorie free, for all those calorie counting freaks, the cake is designed for you.

The ingredients in the cake consist of agar, black sugar syrup, water and roasted soy flour.  It is served with toppings such as molasses, peanut powder, honey, and jellies.

A unique experience as it looks cool and the texture for is innovative. And it can’t be stored because it turns into a puddle of water after 30 minutes. The consistency of the cake is unique as it doesn’t taste much but the consistency of it makes it slide around in your mouth, so go in for a unique experience.

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