thank you Veterans

Thank you Veterans

Veterans Day, November 11 is an official public holiday for the public by the government to honor the people in the military. the day the Allies and the Germans marked the peace negotiation that finished "the war to end all wars"; these are some of the words that portray and honor Remembrance, inspiration, encouragement, thankfulness and gratefulness to the veterans and dynamic obligation military that served so magnanimously for our freedom.

So this day is celebrated not to honor the ones who lost their lives in the process or the ones who are currently employed in the arm but for those who actually risk their lives for our freedom and now are part of the society but have trouble being accepted. So to celebrate this day it is not about having parades, or waving of flag. This is what happens but it should be much more beyond this. 

As a general public, we must guarantee our legends have a significant place in the general public for which they served. In light of their give up for our nation, veterans merit the regard, respect, and nobility of an appreciative country. We have an obligation to guarantee veterans have, no less than, a small portion of a tolerable and agreeable life. 

This incorporates, at absolute minimum, a place to call home, productive business, and treatment for the injuries of war. We who have lived in relative peace and security should endeavor to address these issues for veterans. Tragically, very frequently, we miss the mark concerning addressing these requirements for our Seamen, Soldiers, "Coasties," Marines, and Airmen—including individuals from the Guard and Reserve who were enacted in administration of our country.

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